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Incredible, Friendly service, and fast too. Brought in a deer for processing on Saturday afternoon and they had it processed, wrapped and deep frozen by Wednesday. Love the cuts and wraps that they do, they really get every bit they can get off the deer. And their sausage sticks are to die for, some of the best I have ever had. Also, rest assured that you get the deer you brought in. Make sure to try the Jalapeno and Cheese sausage sticks….you will not be disappointed.

Scott W.

 I’ll never have a deer processed anywhere else. The guy’s at Uncle Henry’s Gourmet Meats delivered my venison in vacuum packed black Styrofoam trays. I’m still eating last year’s deer and the meat is in perfect condition. All of the sausage and jerky/stick products are great.

Erik M.

Best processing place around by far. Uncle Henry is an extremely nice guy and does it right! Jerky is amazing, and your deer gets packaged better then anyone around. Won’t take a deer anywhere else.

Lance R.

Loved these ORIGINAL meat sticks-got them at the Eastern Market in Detroit, MI–They are flavorful, tasty, moist and didn’t have one bone chip in the whole bag! I’ll be buying more–4SURE!!!

Karen M.

A co-worker brought in some original and jalapeno hot sticks to share. Gone in seconds because they’re tasty as heck and smoked to perfection. Small family businesses for the win!

Stephen C.

Very professional. Excellent job done on processing my deer. All the meat was put on trays and vacuum sealed. Very friendly and courteous. A true hunters friend. I will use them from now on.

Jim V.

Best of the best. Their sausage is too die for, the service makes you feel like family…..brought my deer in on Saturday and had it back on Wednesday, that including making sausage sticks…..the Jalapeno and Cheese are AWESOME…..The meat vacuum packing and cuts are better than any butcher shop…..will never go anywhere else…..and so happy to know that the deer I bring in is the deer I get back.

Mr. Wilson

 They were very friendly. They offer to take things to your car even if they know you don’t need them to. They were quick for me, I had my deer processesed in under a week. I will be going back to this company with my meat. I will recommend them to other people. Over all I had a great experience with the company.

William M.

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